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“Michael immediately understood what I wanted and found it for me.  Plus, his knowledge and related contacts brought substantial extra value to the table.”

- Jim Goff, Director of Research, Janus Funds

We work all of Colorado

 for our Buyers and Sellers

We specialize (and have for 38 combined years) in larger ranch properties in Colorado, including the full range of recreational ranches, hunting ranches, fishing ranches, production ranches… We’re On Purpose! 

You should know:

Exposure in the marketplace is the name of the game for ALL buyers and sellers of real estate, and we have saddlebags full of it.  Here is what that means to you:

Sellers, Exposure of your property is essential… We need to reach all brokers possible, to promote the property, your property … Why? Because Our Network of brokers are the ones that have all the buyers! So, we market to our Network, and beyond; Don’t worry, we market directly to potential buyers, too, via a variety of listing platforms, on social media, and in other creative ways, unique to each listing.

Buyers, Exposure to the entire market through our proprietary Database Analytics is essential… to locating your single best value, this is how you find “the ONE”… In addition, we also let our Network know what you need.  Our far reaching Network then returns all manner of immediate opportunity, listed or whispered, known or unknown.  We are generally among the first to be advised of a new listings or possibilities; 

We have the tools:

Our experience, our network, our database analytics, and our knowledge combine to create all the exposure you need whether buying or selling!

And then we will successfully manage, and close your transaction, counseling you the whole way. So, Let’s discuss a couple of the unique tools we employ for you, keeping in mind that Exposure is the name of the game:

Our Network is comprised of:

  • over 500 of the top land brokers across the nation we know personally, having spent 38 combined years cultivating relationships with them.

  • All 600 of the Accredited Land Consultants in the nation

  • All 1,754 members of the REALTORS® Land Institute in the nation

  • And the 400 agents in Keller Williams LAND Division nationally (who did a collective $5.5 Billion in land sales in 2021!)

  • All of the top brokers in Colorado

  • All the brokers in the territory that you desire to search or sell within…


Our Database Analytic (it IS proprietary), developed over the decades, means that we don’t depend on market hype to show us to the value… instead we spread the market out in our comprehensive database, and process it through many different analytics.  The results are amazing!:

  • We monitor every large recreational ranch property in the market and many not on the market.

  • This includes Recreational, Hunting, Fishing, and production ranches

  • We sort, sift, add, update, compare and evaluate every available property, every day… relative to each other! We make it possible for you to quickly review the market, to compare apples to apples and bring the market into focus.

  • We compile reporting that makes it all clear to you, whether you are one of our Buyers trying to find the best value, or our Sellers trying to find the right pricing strategy and therefor the buyer.

  • That combination of the database Analytics and all our knowledge and experience always yields valuable  market insights for our Clients.


So, why us?  Different?  Yes, we are.  Many brokers talk about the market, their listings, and their experience, but rarely specifically justify their conclusions with comprehensive facts. We however, talk about the market too, but in the context of real data, filtered with real experience; organized to answer questions and offer insights. Let us get you the exposure you need to get you the results you want…


You won’t miss a thing! And you’ll know it!


"Dave smoothly transitioned not only my sale in Colorado (the whole time I was residing abroad) but I also know of two other similar transactions he handled with finesse from the get go all the way to the end."
- Shirley Chin

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